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Information Technology
( IT ) Committee

IT Committee

Mission Statement: To ensure we provide information technology support to the Chapter’s membership and organization.  The Technology Committee will promote the use of technology to increase efficiency of the Chapter membership and to support teaching and enhance members learning. Make recommendations concerning acquisition, implementation, maintenance, and upgrading of technologies.   Automate work to reduce cost and improve efficiency and productivity. Use technology to reduce risk and improve things such as customer and organizational experiences.

Goal: Increase membership technology experiences and support the organization to increase productivity by using technology.  Use technology to increase performance and productivity by developing a more efficient way of collecting, storing data in a centralized location, and obtaining information via a database application and reporting system which would provide better processing of information, secure information, and increased reporting turnaround times.


  1. Provide necessary technology training

  2. Work with the Chapter Webmaster on a as need basis

  3. Plan and/or host guest with technology knowledge to provide training to the Chapter’s membership

  4. Maintain the Membership Application Database Reporting System

  5. Maintain and/or oversee the Chapter’s laptops, hardware, and software updates

  6. Provide user support & training on the Chapter’s Membership Application Database Reporting System

  7. Develop and/or obtain technology documentation

  8.  When applicable, Analysis and design application systems and reporting

  9. Work with System Developer and/or other technology personnel to meet the goals and objectives of the organization


From L-R:  Rose Hobson, Co-Chair, Linda Bright, Chair, and Sharon Calhoun. Not Pictured: Patricia Harrison, Barbara Johnson, Michael Jordan, Web Administrator

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