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AARP Suitland MD Chapter #939

P. O. Box 471465

District Heights, MD 20753


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First Tuesday of every month (except July & August)  12:00 pm

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District Heights Municipal Center
2000 Marbury Drive
District Heights, MD 20747

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Condolences in the passing of long-time Chapter member, Mildred Johnson on July 8. She was an active and dedicated member and served in several leadership positions. She chaired the annual Everybody Birthday event on several occasions. Mildred will be missed. 

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Mildred Johnson was a dedicated and committed AARP Suitland Maryland Chapter 939 member and leader for over 17 years. For most of those years, she served as the Chapter's Asst Secretary and Asst Treasurer, and she also chaired our Chapter's annual Everybody's Birthday event. As a Chapter officer, Mildred served on our Executive Board under three different Chapter Presidents. Our Presidents relied on her wise advice and counsel. In Board and Chapter meetings, Mildred never talked just to hear herself talking. When Mildred Johnson spoke, everyone listened because we knew that she only spoke when she had something substantive to say that was positive and productive.  In addition to working on our Annual Christmas parties, Mildred chaired many of our Everybody's Birthday events. At this event, twelve tables were set, each with food representing a particular month of the year, for example, picnic food for July and Thanksgiving food for November. Our members looked forward to all the great food at this event. Mildred knew that everybody, meaning Ur- body, wanted to show up on the day of the event to eat, but she needed Ur-body to do the work in advance to have a successful event. When Mildred called our members for help with the event, she always spoke softly and calmly, but you knew she meant business. She had a reputation for getting things done and DID not tolerate a lot of excuses. We could not have had an outstanding Everybody's Birthday event year after year without Mildred. Oh, and Mildred invited the Iverson Mall Walkers and Line Dancers to perform during our Everybody's birthday events. That was always the highlight of the event and we got to see Mildred dance with the group. In the future, we know that Mildred will be with our Chapter, spurring us on to do great things. Finally, in ALL her endeavors, Mildred leaves a legacy that will never be lost. Although she is no longer physically here, we all feel her nearby. What she has given to us with grace, no one can ever replace!

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